Care for Body Wave hair

1. Treat your hair weaves as your own hair

To keep the hair in good condition, you have to treat it just like your own real hair. Wash it softly and use quality shampoo to prolong its service life. You can also use your favorite conditioner and oil for extra softness and protection of your hair weft. 

 2. Use a wide tooth comb for Body Wave Hair

Be sure to comb your body wave hair with a wide tooth on a daily basis, make sure it is tangle-free. Comb it from the middle of the hair to the end. This will protect your hair from tangling and shedding, thus maintaining its good shape.

 3. Wrap up your hair weave

If you don't want to wake up with a head of messy hair in the morning, wrapping up your hair would be a good idea. It is a very convenient way of protecting your hair and keeping it in a good state and tangle free to the greatest extend. Moreover, it will effectively avoid damage and breakage to your hair.